Connect your wallet to join the whitelist and be able to mint PO-MPO
Timer: 15d 19h 5m
Pre-sale starts February, 22, 01:00 PM CEST
The Robot
100 hand-made 2D POMPO avatars
Act 1
The Robot
*pre-sale starts February, 22
Act 1 collection utility
Utility 1
Every card is 100% unique and have his hand-drawing original. Every owner can get this hand-drawing copy with signature of author (shipping not included)
Utility 2
Every holder get 1 NFTs in ALL following collections
Utility 3
Every holder get 1 course for free from one of our on-line school partners and 50% discount for the next one
Utility 4
5.2% chance to get additional NFT-card from first unique collection for free
Utility 5
The opportunity to win one of the NFT-robots that will be drawn during the online stream. The owners of the first collection will also choose the ideas for these robots
Utility 6
We will hold a vote among the holders, as a result of which we will choose 10 new robots for the next 3D collection
I never minted NFT, how to do it?
First you need to get yourself a crypto wallet.

One of the most popular ones is

Follow all instructions to finish setting up your wallet.
Once you finish the registration, you will have your personal Ethereum wallet. Now you have to buy some ETH.

Go to and click "Search by country". Choose your country and you'll get a list of possible ways to buy ETH.


Also create an account on - that's the place where all NFTs will be posted and showcased.


When the mint date starts, you'll be able to mint the NFT on this page. Make sure you joined the whitelist!