Drawing and developing have been my main hobbies since childhood.I started learning Scratch (programming language) when I was 8.

Robotics first came into my life with Lego Mindstorms, now I’m also good at Arduino. When I was 11, I started to draw my first comics and logos for school events and friends.

I invented POMPO in 2019, when I was 12. It’s a multifunctional robot that can become whatever you want. My first collection demonstrates how flexible POMPO is: it can depict any character from any universe.

When I learned about NFT, I thought that it’s a perfect chance to scale the POMPO universe and gather a great community of like-minded people who adore high tech and science.
We shared ideas with my dad Alex.
We created different variations of POMPO and its role in the world.

How POMPO was created
The idea of POMPO universe

The idea of POMPO universe

Last 8 years my dad fully involved into 3D modelling and visualization process. He developed projects of different scale using 3Ds Max, Revit, ZBrush, Blender, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter and other.

In 2018 he assembled a team and founded the WellWall agency, the main specialization is development of design projects for retail and clothing / shoe market. I help him a lot with different project as creative team member and web-developer.

My dad and parter Alex
My hobbies and dreams

My hobbies and dreams

I like reading comics and I like drawing them. My favourite characters are Rick and Morty, and I even drew a few stories about them.

Right now I’m focused on comics about POMPO. I have a lot of ideas. All new comics will be delivered to our first NFT collection holders in the first place.
Comics and Rick & Morty
In 2017 I visited a computer exhibition where my parents bought me my first books about Scratch, Java and Python. I’m also a big fan of ComicCon and other geek stuff!
In 2015 I created a small cartoon using my own story and art. Then there was a little animation movie about Minecraft, which I created with the help of my dad’s 3D models.

In 2019 I developed a little educational game for pupils. It helped to learn about safety regulations in case of fire.
In higher school grades I started website development. Finished a few courses about frontend and Javascript. Currently my skill set is: Jquery, React and Python.

I can create a website from scratch or using Tilda or Wordpress.

My main achievements are listed on my personal website: https://lucker.ninja/

Web development
It all started with LEGO. I finished more than 80 sets and even more custom variations.

I realized that I enjoy designing complicated mechanisms and bringing them to life.
It was one of my favorite activities in school :) We built robots using Arduino and used them to compete with each other.

My big idea is to build a robot together with you guys. I’ll show the whole process on Youtube and we will all together decide how the robot will develop and which upgrades to take.

Just imagine: we will create the first decentralized combat robot!

Robot battles
Me and my dad watch all the actual news on space exploration and robotics. Our favorite names are Curiosity and Opportunity. Our favorite movie is The Martian.

Elon Musk inspires me a lot. I would like to do something very significant for science, leave a real trail in Mars colonization, probably all together with Elon :)

If you guys like my ideas and mindset - join our community and support me with an NFT mint. I’ll do my best to make sure your expectations are met.

Mars colonization